Evolution Simmed – v2.0 – 2022 Update

Evolution Simmed – v2.0 – 2022 Update

Some progress but mostly in the back end. Namely I have changed the platform from the custom setup it previously had to wordpress. Hopefully this will allow modifications to flow more smoothly.


The new look is mostly in place. Mostly I have tried to remove unnecessary clutter and add some more styling. This is yet to be done to the actual simulator:

Evolution Simmed simulator page

Current ‘to-do’ items on the list are:

  • Update the front page to be informative and styled
  • Add the news/blog section to allow news to be seen
  • Ensure footer items (contact page, privacy etc) are in place
  • Update simulator functionality including:
    • Allow changes to grid size
    • Report to show info of selected species
    • Styling
    • Allow importing, exporting and editing of simulations

At that point I will need to reassess what needs to be done. There are a lot of features that could be added for educational purposes.

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