Project – Cupboard enhancer

Aim: Utilize the space within cupboards more effectively and possibly more efficiently.

Overview: Cupboards always hide a lot of objects. Only the items at the front are easily seen and accessed. This is especially true for corner cupboards. I want to improve upon that. Namely, I want to be able to reach the items that are stored in the cupboard in a relatively comfortable manner.  It would also be beneficial if it was easy to see what items were there.

Approach: If a cost effective solution already exists, I will go with that to save time. However, at present, after a basic google and pinterest searches, no suitable solution is apparent. Some interesting approaches exist though.

This was the first commercial solution I found (bunnings):

Practa solutions at bunnings

This could be beneficial but the corner cupboard I have in mind is not square. This solution would leave a large area unused.

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