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Directory mapping tool

Directory mapping tool

How many times I have had non-matching multiple copies of supposed backups I don’t want to say. Too many! Trying to get those backups into good order can be a herculean task sometimes. It never takes long for various folders to be placed in slightly different folder locations and therefore making checking all important files are backed up becomes a big challenge.

What I would like is a directory mapping tool that shows how two directories compare and they could/should be modified to achieve a desired structure.

Some of the features I would expect:

  • A visual map of the directories that showed the directory structure in an intuitive and visual way
  • Nodes that would make it easy for matching folders to be identified and ignored

    • If a subfolder had files that all matched and the subfolder had the same name, there is no reason to show the files in that folder but it would be nice to maybe give some information about the folder on a mouse over
    • If the subfolders had a few different files but were mostly the same, once again, it shouldn’t really show all the files, just those that need copying/removing
  • A way to design a folder structure that the user would like and then allow the tool to produce the steps required to achieve that structure for both folders.
  • Easy navigation of the folders tree structure with drag and drop functionality so a new folder structure can be easily created and then used
  • Recording functionality so it would be possible to view where files originated from
  • And so much more could be added…

Innovation cost chart

Innovation cost chart

It is not unusual to find a situation within a company where an opportunity for innovation exists but management resists the idea for fear of the potential costs. It is an understandable fear. Putting time and money into an idea that is unlikely to pay off is in nobody’s interest. However, there are times when failing to act on an idea will cost the company in the long run.

I think this scenario where managers need to decide on whether to invest in innovation is a common one that most people are familiar with. To make it easier, I intend to make a chart which will allow basic inputs so the cost of innovation can be fairly estimated and the likely returns in the long run will be clear. Hopefully, when people see output like this:

it will be a little easier to convince the bean counters to invest when in innovation when they should.

I have spread myself quite thin at present so I expect this will have to wait a few months before I make a move on it.