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Evolution Simmed – v2.0

Evolution Simmed v1.0 was finished many years ago but it was always in the need of more features and a less repulsive look. The original was made from scratch while I learnt the required technologies (namely php and javascript). I am hoping that by utilizing ‘wordpress’ I will be able to add desired features and update the look more efficiently. Lets see…

Borrowing from the evolution simmed blog, here is the list of features I intend to add over the next 12 months…

Future features list:

    1. Simulation summary report – An output panel that displays key information such as:
      • most successful/numerous species
      • most complex species
    2. New species highlighter – An animated line to highlight new species for easy identification
    3. Simulation recording – Recording a simulation in a text file to allow saving and manual modification
    4. Discussion board – A discussion board to allow active discussion
    5. Moving environment – Allow gradual movement of environmental cells to simulate a changing environment
    6. More control over the environmental cells such as the size of the grid and more control of the impact of various environmental cells

Evolution Simmed – v1.0

Evolution is a fascinating topic. We have a wonderful example of evolution in action with biological evolution but we can also take the fundamental blocks to gain insight into many other processes. While understanding the fundamental principles of evolution can be straight forward, it can also be to describe many surprising and complex phenomenia. Contemplating the likely or even just possible outcomes can lead to interesting philosophical exercises.

To aid the learning of evolution and to help conceptionalise evolutionary processes I created an online evolutionary simulator which I called ‘Evolution Simmed’.

It is placed in its own site located here:

Evolution Simmed Site v1.0

While it is quite useable, it is now quite old. It has always been quite ugly and is still missing some core functionality which I want it to have. For these reasons I have decided to redo the site which is one of many projects I am working on.