Evolution Simmed – v2.0

Evolution Simmed – v2.0

Evolution Simmed v1.0 was finished many years ago but it was always in the need of more features and a less repulsive look. The original was made from scratch while I learnt the required technologies (namely php and javascript). I am hoping that by utilizing ‘wordpress’ I will be able to add desired features and update the look more efficiently. Lets see…

Borrowing from the evolution simmed blog, here is the list of features I intend to add over the next 12 months…

Future features list:

    1. Simulation summary report – An output panel that displays key information such as:
      • most successful/numerous species
      • most complex species
    2. New species highlighter – An animated line to highlight new species for easy identification
    3. Simulation recording – Recording a simulation in a text file to allow saving and manual modification
    4. Discussion board – A discussion board to allow active discussion
    5. Moving environment – Allow gradual movement of environmental cells to simulate a changing environment
    6. More control over the environmental cells such as the size of the grid and more control of the impact of various environmental cells

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