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State of Being Calculator – Overview and Instructions

Our overall mental health can be an accumulation of many aspects that we find important in life. Separating those aspects of our lifes can give us insight on actions we can take to lift our mood and general well-being. It can be very easy to focus on just a few aspects of our lives at the cost of other important areas. Neglecting family to focus on work is an example many of us are familiar with.

The ‘State of Being Calculator’ uses nine measures to gauge our overall life satisfaction.  By considering each factor separately we can narrow down potential actions we can use to improve life.  If you would like to use the tool to track progress over time, you can register an account to record your changes and past scores.

How to use:

Note: To record any changes to the default factors or to record scores over time, an account is required. 

  1. Using the default information, edit each factor to match your own values.

State of Being Calculator