Shared Excel Tools

Shared Excel Tools

Over many years of working in data processing and data analysis I accumulated various MS Excel tools that I like to use. However, it always seems that when I need them, they are not in a convenient location and trying to share them with others is often also quite inconvenient.

To address these issues and to add to the MS Excel community, I decided a looonnnnggg time ago to build a site that focuses on linking MS Excel users with MS Excel tools. My intention is to try and keep it targeted at allowing a user to quickly search a database of potential solutions and extract the solution in a usable form as easily as possible.

So I have been working on a site to do just this. I have called it, very imaginatively, ‘Shared Excel Tools’. It is still very much in construction but it is online and can be found here:

Shared Excel Tools – Still under construction…

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